Due to the lack of radio airplay being given to unknown artists, independent artists are now using Youtube as a platform to get the exposure they need in order to make their music careers a success. Independent acts who want to can now get noticed by millions of people on a daily basis. Motion Video Works offers their expertise and creative ideas to produce your unique music videos. Working alongside you with your own ideas and concepts, we will give you a finished product that is beyond your expectations. And if you don't have your own Youtube channel, you can exploit ours 'MusicTVindie' at no cost.
With Youtube being the new television, millions of people are tapping into this medium daily. Anyone who wants to can produce and post their own online videos. Why not take advantage of this growing medium to promote your music. Between us we can make your dream a reality.


£400 – will give you a basic video filmed in one location up to three hours filming and will allow you to change clothing.This includes final edit.
£650 will give you an option of filming in two locations with up to and includes make-up. Without make-up the cost will be reduced to £550. This package includes final edit.
£1,000 includes filming in 3 locations up to 6 hours on location. This package includes make-up and final edit. This can include an evening shoot with lighting.
£2,000 – includes filming in 4 locations up to 8 hours on location and includes make-up, evening shoot with lighting if required, green screen filming, and includes final edit.
£4,000 – Full production package – we take care of EVERYTHING!
Pre-production – concept- we will come up with all the ideas, location scouting includes unlimited locations, daytime and evening shoots with lighting, make-up, props, white screen filming and green screen filming and final editing.

Lets bring your vision to life.

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*please not that a 50% deposit is required to book a film shoot.